Cloning The Bot

depicts an image of the bot being cloned

The effectiveness of the bot gathers pace, with Stanford Rivers Parish Council supporting the A113SpeederBot campaign.

We’re happy to report that the Parish Council have been working closely with our developer over many months and we are now working together with them in running the a113SpeederBot.

We’re really pleased about this as its a milestone development for us both; we have some financial support and the support of the Parish Council, and they have their very own bot, cloned from the original and best A113SpeederBot, and tuned just the way they wanted it.

You might be asking, “… what’s under the bonnet of the A113SpeederBot?” Well, here it is:

an image of the new bot secnario
Here are the workings of the new bot. The cloned version here which is now with the Parish Council.

Above is our recently cloned A113SpeederBot, reconfigured, improved and loaded onto webspace managed by the Parish Council, meaning we’ve shut down the original bot. The new clone has been posting since 6th of November 2022 at 2046 hrs, both to our records and those of the Parish Council on their own site (more on that with a link further down the page).

The bot is dead; long live the new bot.

Of course, the bot isn’t really dead, it’s just been decomissioned for a while to take a well-earned rest (after recording well in excess of 10,000 samples, all of drivers exceeding the 30 mph speed limit through Little End by 150% or more).

We can wake the bot up at any time we like for it to carry on its sterling work in keeping our data flowing in; raising awareness of dangerous driving and building an effective body of campaign material to improve road safety and hold errant drivers to account.

The support from the Parish Council also means that our developer no longer needs to fully finance the bot, since the Parish Council are now helping to fund the campaign. This could mean increased sample rates; giving more focused action on identifying when the worst offenders pass through the village and securing more insightful data that can be used to campaign for changes to improve driver safety through the village. We hope that it will also help to increase the effectiveness of police presence and Community Speedwatch volunteers.

You can head over to the Parish Council site to read their update by visiting their Speedwatch page. There’s also information over there on how you can get involced in the Community Speedwatch programme.

The developer would like to thank the Parish Council for supporting the bot. Thanks also to all of our followers and subscribers to the blog. Please share with your friends and family our post on how people can support the bot!

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