Campaign news for 2023

2023 is the year we’ve decided to turn up the pressure on those that should be supporting the campaign to make Stanford Rivers and the A113 safer.

Happy new year to you all from the developer, the bot and the rest of the team. We’re hoping that our local councillors, MP and police force have made new year’s resolutions to help our campaign for safer roads.

Support for the bot from those that can really make a difference has been a bit thin on the ground, despite us campaigning as hard as we can so we’ve decided to be a little more proactive this year by sending out personalised tweets to some of the people that can actually make a difference.

These tweets will be sent out whenever we detect a speed equal to or in excess of 200% (60 mph) through our sample section on the A113.

We logged speeds equal to and above 200% 21 times in 2021, and 34 times in 2022 and remember that our sample frequency was hourly for all of those, so think of how many we might have missed!

All of the support we get from residents is fabulous and we really encourage you all to share our social media posts, blog posts and the website when you can – we’re stronger together. There’s more information on supporting us here.

The new custom tweets will go out to the following social media accounts via Twitter:

  • Essex Police Special Constabulary (@EPSpecials)
  • Jaymey McIvor, Local Conservative Councillor (@McivorJaymey)
  • Alex Burghart, MP for Brentwood & Ongar (@alexburghart)
  • Essex Police Rural Engagement Team (@EPRural)
  • Ongar Town Council (@ongar_town)
  • Essex Roads Policing (@EPRoadsPolicing)

As soon as we get our first tweet out, we’ll embed it here for you; hopefully that will be a long time, or not happen at all, but we doubt that. If you can think of anyone else we should be tweeting, let us know! We’re happy to keep your details confidential if you get in touch with us. You can follow us on Twitter here.

*In the end, it took a whopping nine days into the new year before we recorded a speed above 200% of the speed limit.

We also have a similar Facebook campaign, if that’s your preferred platform. You can follow us there too.

Of course, you should feel free to contact any of these people yourself to show your support for our campaign.

In other related news, we’re also tweeting all of the above accounts the highest speed every week. This means we look at all speeds logged in the last seven days and find the highest, we then put that info (and more) in a nifty infographic and post it out, like this one:

So, keep an eye out for these tweets and please share them, comment or feel free to ask us questions.

If you want to see more of this type of stuff then please consider subscribing below and we’ll ping you over an email when we post something new (which isn’t annoyingly frequently!)

Have a happy and safe new year!

2 thoughts on “Campaign news for 2023

  1. Good luck with your campaign. As a Speedwatch organiser in Buckhust Hill and Loughton, I feel your pain. We are interested in possibly using the Speederbot here.

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