Daily highest speeds

The bot logs speeds on a regular basis throughout the day and night but we also calculate daily highest speeds to illustrate just how reckless drivers can be.

The highest speed ever recorded currently stands at 76.92 mph on 29 December 2021, just before 0600. This has seen a 14% increase on the previous entry of 67.52mph on 23rd September 2021. Our new record represents speeds of an eye watering 256% of the 30mph speed limit.

Here’s a graph showing the highest daily speeds recorded through Stanford Rivers for the current year (that’s August 2022 to August 2023). The blue scatter plots show max daily speed and the red ones show percent of the speed limit, so 45mph would be 150% of the speed limit, 60 would be 200%. You get the idea. This graph is updated when I get the chance (usually every Monday).

Here’s the same graph but for the first full year of data that we have, that’s August 2021 to August 2022).

Well, you can see that everyone here is doing way over 45, and we’re only sampling around once per hour. Think of everyone we’ve missed. And people say cyclists are dangerous.

Remember that the bot will log everything, emergency vehicles running blue and twos included, but its pretty unlikely that every single entry here is an emergency vehicle.

If you want a direct link to the spreadsheet that this data was taken from, you can get that here. You’ll want the West, max tab at the bottom.

Want to understand the rest of the spreadsheet? Good, see here for a bit more about where the data is taken and what the different spreadsheet tabs mean.

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