Logs & Sample Areas

All the info about exactly where our sample areas are and how you can get your hands on our data.

Data for this initiative is posted publicly and you can view it all in one spreadsheet, located here. The data is yours, to do with what you will, Feel free to download it and analyse or sort it as you like, you don’t owe me anything.

Currently, there are 4 tabs, not all of them are used now, but we’ve left the data up in case you’re interested. We really only concentrate on two of the tabs (West >45 and West, max)

  • West >45 (live)
  • West>50[SRPC] (depreciated)
  • West, max (live)
  • East >45 (depreciated)

The western data section has used two locations, both near Vintec Autos and Tyresavers, just inside the 30mph section, stretching to Church Road. The location was changed very slightly in November 2022, when the bot was transferred to the parish council. The left image was the original sample area, the right is the current one. For all intents and purposes, we’re logging the same area though.

The eastern data section (depreciated) is located near Bridge Farm, just inside the 30mph section, like this:

Back to the tabs, fairly self-explanatory:

  • West>45 – speeds equal to and above 45mph on the western data section
  • West>50[SRPC] – speeds equal to and above 50mph on the western data section (depreciated)
  • West, max – maximum daily speeds on the western data section (updated when I get the chance), we have a dedicated page for that.
  • East>45 – speeds equal to and above 45mph on the eastern data section. You’ll notice some early entries here that are way above 45mph. This was due to some early testing to help me decide on the trigger limit. In the end, I settled with equal to and above 45mph, the same as the western test section. (depreciated)

We also have sample areas on other parts of the A113, including Ongar, but due to financial constraints we are unable to regularly sample all of them simultaneously, so we currently only use this data for our own analysis and do not make it publicly available.

Below are the latest logs (scroll to the bottom of the sheet). Remember you can view this easier by visiting the Google Sheets page.

Questions? Contact me: