Contact me if you need something else answered and I might also add that to the list below, so you’ll be doing some kind of public service. Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question.

  • Is this thing even legal? Yes.
  • How is speed calculated? Location services companies use GPS signals from drivers’ phones to calculate speed.
  • I think that people go faster than your weekly highest speeds say they do. Yes, they do go faster. The bot samples hourly at the moment due to limited funding, so it will miss some speeds. Still, the purpose of the bot is to raise awareness of speeding along the A113, not to catch the highest speeds on a regular basis.
  • Why are you logging only one person speeding per hour? Surely there are other people speeding during that hour? The bot samples once per hour, it doesn’t continually sample and only catch one driver per hour. There are loads of people speeding, but we only take a sample of the speed every 60 minutes, this means that lots of speeding motorists are missed, we’ve logged every 15 minutes before and that still triggers the bot for >150% of the speed limit every time.
  • Do you think that’s accurate enough? Yes.
  • Is there anything at the side of the road to do this? No.
  • Does this capture registration marks (number plates)? No.
  • Does this take my photo? No.
  • Are you some kind of sad case that hates drivers? No. I’m a driver myself.
  • Do you think you’re a better driver than everyone else? No; we all mess up sometimes, I just keep an eye on my speed and give way to more vulnerable road users. I’ve made mistakes, but willfully speeding isn’t one of them.
  • Does this thing log emergency vehicles that are legally breaking the speed limit on blue lights? Yes.
  • Who’s paying for this? Stanford Rivers Parish Council pay for the software platform that the bot runs on and the developer pays for the this website and the domain name.