Service Status

Sometimes things break and we’ll lose part or all of our service. This page is here to update you on what’s broken and why.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Current Service Status is: Testing. Please see below for all the updates.

22/10/2023 2003: Our developer has fixed this. We’ve been testing all day and the bot appears to be working well. It seems it was something to do with the X (formerly Twitter) API again. Re authorising the API seems to have fixed things. We’ll keep an eye on the bot over the coming days.

22/10/2023 0900: The bot has not been posting to Twitter, Facebook or updating spreadsheets since the early hours of the morning on 11/10/2023. We are investigating this now.

28/09/2023 1344: Our developer has fixed this now. Turns out that Twitter shut off its API before rolling out new ones. Tweets are back up as of today at 1220.

20/06/2023 1949: OK, it looks like Twitter have suspended our API app – a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other (i.e. Make (where the bot lives), and Twitter (where the bot posts to). This means that Twitter is broken for now and there’s not too much we can do about that but appeal it, maybe.

We have made some progress in getting logs going to the Stanford Rivers Parish Council Speedwatch Page (which was also broken). In summary, we have logging back up and Facebook working, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the Twitter API suspension and whether or not we can resolve it.

20/06/2023 1541: It looks like we have logging and the Facebook posting back up-and- running. We’re still looking at the authentication issue with Twitter and will update as soon as we have more news.

20/06/2023 1431: Further investigation appears to suggest that the bot is posting to Facebook and to one of our spreadsheets, although the bot has not been tripped in many days. Authentication for Twitter is definitely broken though.

20/06/2023 13:49: The bot has stopped tweeting on Twitter and posting to Facebook, it looks like the service has been down since 14/06/2023, 0129. The bot has also stopped logging speeds, so this is being looked into urgently.

We will update when we find out more.

14/04/2023 1739: The recent loss of live speed tweets on Twitter has been resolved:

12/04/2023, 1430: Make has found an interim fix, so we will be applying this as soon as we can and will hopefully have Twitter back up and running with live speed tweets soon.

11/04/2023, 2106: The bot is not posting live speeds to Twitter at present. The service has been down since 03/04/2023, 1640. This is because Twitter have pulled their integration with Make (formerly Integromat), this is the platform that the bot is built upon.

In plain english, this means that the bot can still log speeds but it cannot post these to Twitter. Speeds will continue to be logged and posted to our Facebook page though. There was a short break in logging speeds between 03/04/23 and 09/04/23.

We will update as we find out more.